It's time to get connected to your car.

The SpeedPORT app was developed by AutoSpeed to complement the line of performance tuning software for Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche automobiles.

Easy to use, plug in and communicate via a Wireless Connection to your ECU thru the OBDII port.

Communicates with your vehicle via the OBD2 port and your iPhone and iPod touch. Still access the internet via the EDGE or 3G Network

Download SpeedPORT from the App Store Now **CLICK**

AutoSpeed has an EXCLUSIVE licensing agreement with PLX Devices utilizing Wifi technology to connect your iPhone or iTouch to your vehicle's ECU. Simply Plug in the OBD wifi device to your vehicle, wifi connect to your iPhone and start enjoying SpeedPORT!

-No batteries or cigarette lighter adapters needed, the cable is powered by the OBD Port.

-Portable, no need for laptops or external devices

-Extremely Easy to Use, Just Plug in and Connect