AutoSpeed has been creating performance solutions for European automobiles since 2000. We operate in our standalone 13,000 SF facility which consists of ample parking, a spacious customer lobby, offices, 8 service bays, in ground all wheel drive [AWD] Mustang dynamometer, CNC machining area, full fabrication department and inventory mezzanine.

Our roots originated as a manufacturer of performance parts and exhaust systems. Soon after developing and offering turbocharger upgrade packages the need to compliment the products with software became a necessity.

All of our recalibration sessions take place on our in-house mustang four wheel dynamometer. We connect the car's ECU to our real-time emulators for in car tuning. We also use a high-resolution external charge pressure and wideband A/F ratio setup in addition to our SpeedDATA software suite. We do an average of 100+ dyno runs to get the ECU calibrated perfectly. We recalibrate under the same conditions for 91, 93, 100 and 104 octane fuels.

AutoSpeed has been tuning and recalibrating Motronic based Engine Control Units [ECUs] since 2002. Our engineers and development staff are highly versed in engine management strategies, mechanical assemblies, feedback systems and embedded control logic. The proper way to recalibrate the Bosch® Motronic® Engine Control Units is to completely understand how the numerous software modules inside of the ECU work together. This is where our factory connections are invaluable; we have access to and are able to get the internal calibration file sets for most cars directly from our contacts.

It's virtually impossible to do a high-end factory like recalibration without first class data acquisition software. Widely available off the shelf solutions will yield something on the order of 3 measuring blocks, with 4 values per block, refreshing at about 3 times a second. This results in about 36 data points per second total. Our competitors claim to have developed their own software and say they can reach speeds of up to 30 values, refreshing about 10 times a second. This gives a total of about 300 data points per second. Our in-house developed SpeedDATA? software suite records 45 values, refreshing about 33 times per second, for a staggering 1500 simultaneous data points per second, that's about 5 times the data density of our competitors. This allows us to pinpoint and address even the smallest of fluctuations, which would normally be missed at lower data sampling rates.

Last but not least we have to protect our work, to make sure no inferior knock offs are available from clandestine resellers, we created SpeedTOOL. An ultra high-tech software suite has the ability to take up to 8 individual performance profiles and create one final output file which employs our special copy protection and profile encryption technology. This output file is then further encrypted with multiple layers of strong encryption schemes before it gets uploaded to our SpeedPORT file servers for deployment by our dealers.