Q: What is your return or trial policy?

A: We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the purchase of any chip upgrade that you buy from us. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, just go back to the reseller that installed the chip upgrade, they will flash your car back to stock and refund your purchase.

Q: Do you offer any warranty?

A: We believe in our abilities and we want you to be completely satisfied, that's why we offer a non-transferable lifetime warranty on all of our software, and 12 months warranty on iSpeed devices. This warranty does not cover any non Speedport products, expenses, or damage arising from improper use..

Q: Will chipping affect my warranty?

A: Normally, no, because of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, if you have a warranty claim, the dealer (or warrantor) must prove that the part that you modified directly caused the failure. For example, if you chipped your car and the air bag light comes on, then the car is still under warranty. On top of that we have done everything possible to make sure that our products are compatible with factory and other scan tools.

Q: How does chipping affect my engine?

A: The factory typically incorporates some factor of safety; although anytime you demand more power from an engine you potentially run the risk of increasing the stress and decreasing its useful life. However, we keep all the factory safeguards in place and we use our extensive data logging and data analysis tools to make sure your engine is operating within component tolerances at all times. There just really aren't any problems in chipping the car.

Q: Will the dealer still be able to update my ECU?

A: We made sure that the factory scan tools can perform software updates, just like they can on the factory software. We do not change security login codes or other software update routines, like many of our competitors do. In the case that the dealer updates to the latest factory software, you will need to have the Speedport software reinstalled; we and our dealers will happily reinstall it for you. In such case installation charges may apply, these can vary from one dealer to another.

Q: Why do all your dyno graphs only show wheel horsepower numbers?

A: Our Mustang AWD dynamometer measures wheel horsepower and wheel torque; this is the same for the most commonly used dynamometers such as Dynojet, DynaPak and DynoDynamics. The factory on the other hand uses an engine dynamometer, where the flywheel is directly connected to the dynamometer which measures flywheel horsepower. The difference between flywheel horsepower and wheel horsepower is called the drive train loss. When other tuning companies report horsepower, what they do is take the measured wheel horsepower and increase the wheel horsepower number by a factor that they think is a good estimation of the drive train loss. The drive train loss is usually estimated by running the stock programming on the dynamometer and comparing the measured wheel horsepower and torque to the factory specification.

Q: What is the anti-theft mode?

A: Our Anti-Theft mode is a special profile that comes at no extra charge as part of all of our performance upgrades. It will leave the car totally inoperable even if the thief has the key. Unlike other security devices this has no wires and cannot be defeated without using an iSpeed or special laptop application and a personal 4 digit PIN.

Q: What is the valet mode?

A: Our Valet mode is a special profile that comes at no extra charge as part of all of our performance upgrades. It severely limits the car's performance, to a level less than stock. This way you don't have to worry about people taking your car for a ride. You'll need an iSpeed or special laptop application and a personal 4 digit PIN to disengage Valet mode.

Q: Do you have to remove my car's computer?

A: That depends, for model years 2009 and before we use the same method as the factory authorized dealers do to update the programming of your car's computer. In that case there is no removal or addition of any hardware so there is no physical indication that the car has been modified. For model years 2010 and newer we have to remove your car's computer in order to unlock it before being able to update its programming. Either way, engine electronics behave exactly as original and if our software is turned to 'Stock' mode using the SpeedPORT app for iPhone or the SpeedPORT laptop application, most current diagnostic equipment cannot detect any difference. If however the car is left in performance mode it becomes obvious that it's not standard when someone drives the car, this could be confirmed by data logging requested boost values. As there are no permanent changes to the ECU the factory original code can simply be reloaded at any point in time.

Q: What if my car is already chipped?

A: It depends on the method of "chipping". If it is a standard flash there will not be a problem, the software will simply overwrite the other code. If the software is on an encryption module then it will need to be replaced with a factory EPROM. In the second instance attempting to reflash this could cause the ECU to lock out, it is the responsibility of the owner to make the Speedport dealer aware of the type of modification on the car. Autospeed or its dealers cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from misinformation.

Q: What parameters do you change?

A: Typically we will change about 55 different tables in a standard stage 1 performance program. Of which load, boost, timing, filling and fuel are all adjusted as well as the variable cam timing. Some tuners change only one table while most others no more than 6. The control algorithms are very intricate and simply changing one table, usually has an adverse affect on another related table. We correctly rescale any table to extend its range. We use many proprietary methods and specialized proprietary software that we developed in house to make the most powerful software available.